Avocado Oil - 100ml

Loelle’s organic and cold-pressed avocado oil is very moisturizing and nourishing oil. It has a rich content of antioxidants which makes it well suited for the treatment of sun-damaged skin. The oil supports and accelerates cell renewal, which makes it useful for the treatment of mature and aged skin.

The oil is absorbed quickly, is very moisturizing and softening. This product can be used to dry, damaged and sensitive skin. The oil binds moisture deep into the skin and acts positively on skins elasticity and stability. The fatty acids in avocado oil help the dry and thin skin with recovery and strength.

Avocado oil also works great as hair care as it moisturizes, adds luster and may help relieve symptoms of dry scalp. It is also said to stimulate hair growth. Good on dry lips and cuticles. Loelle’s Avocado oil is so pure that it can also be ingested.

The avocado tree grows to 3-4 meters high in cultivated form, but can grow to a full 20 meters high in the wild. Loelle’s Avocado oil has a characteristically green color and a mild slightly earthy smell of avocado fruit.